Publications of the Foundation

The Foundation is aligned with 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to strive on all of
society engagement and partnership. It will focus on those who are not yet involved, in order
to contribute on this directive of all of society participation in water resources management
We believe that water is a cross cutting necessity for achieving all SDGs. Therefore water is
to be put in the broader context of development, convincing decision makers to give water the
proper priority in their development plans.
In this context, the Foundation publishes, on a regular basis, booklets tackling water issues
and its relation with economical, social and environmental dimensions. The booklets are easy
to read and the main objective is to inform and sensitize the decision makers and the public at
large to create broad engagement for multi-stakeholders partnerships to address water
provision, management and safeguarding.


This booklet highlighted the inter-linkages between water resources and agriculture. The topics tackled the reforestation, the impact of urbanism on agricultural lands, mechanism to develop the livestock, dry land agro biodiversity in Lebanon. The main objective is to ensure water and food security in the country.




The main message of this booklet is to call upon the creation of an enabling environment for the civil society inclusive and meaningful contribution to the sustainable use and management of the water resources, as a democratic process. The booklet presents also the environmental governance and its alliance with the water resources.
Moreover, the booklet highlights the importance of including local stakeholders in all stages of water resources management, because they know their environment and the changes in their area, and they understand the community and their needs. They also guarantee the sustainability of projects and their integration into policy and assimilation in the community itself.


On the world water day, the Foundation published a booklet on “waste water in Lebanon, challenges and solutions”. The main topics tackled were the national strategy for waste water, problems facing this sector, waste water as an alternative source of water, waste water reuse , recycle and resource recovery.
Furthermore the Foundation published in the booklet the recommendations issued by the
Parliamentarian Committee for water & amp; energy concerning this issue.



Save the water in Lebanon- Litani River Basin

This booklet is divided in three sections: past, present and future of the water management and governance on the Litani River basin.
The first section presents the inception of the Litani River projects, the second section describes the challenges facing this basin, and the third section gives the solutions and recommendations for the management of this basin.

WATER AND Sustainable Development Goals

In 2016, the United Nations marked the first implementations and approaches of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals vision. In 2019, the foundation released a book entitled “Water and sustainable development goals”, as water took a important part of these goals.

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