Annual Gala Dinner

2018 Gala Dinner

The theme was “Water Pollution”.

The official speeches focused on the rivers pollution, tackling the importance of implementing the development plans of waste-water recycling, industrial and agriculture waste and the solid waste.

A book was distributed on the Litani River Basin.


2013 Gala Dinner

A grand audience if dignitaries, officials, specialists in the field of water, the press, and friends of the Foundation gathered together, to mark another year of accomplishments across the water sector in Lebanon.

During the event, Ibrahim Abd El Al foundation for Sustainable development unveiled its new branding and name. Previously, the Foundation was known as “The Association of the Friends of Ibrahim Abd El Al”.

The focus of the Foundation is now centered on sustainable development, in line with the global shift in energy and water. The driving aim is to preserve and properly manage resources for future generations.

Our mission has always been, and continues to be, to raise awareness in the community in which we live and operate. The foundation is looking forward to pushing forward the agenda for sustainable development in 2015 in Lebanon, and on a global scale.