The foundation organized a series of conferences related to water resources in Lebanon.
The objective of this program was to focus on the importance of water resources in the Lebanese economy, based on the Agenda 2030, and its sustainable development goals and targets.

The topic of these conferences tackled the alliance between water and the different sectors agriculture and food security, energy, tourism, health climate change.
The foundation showed the inter-linkages between SDG 6, and the other sustainable goals, stressing on putting water resources management as high priority on the political agenda, clearly showing the mechanism to implement SDG 6, which will allow finding solutions on many challenges facing the national development plans.

The foundation stresses on a human-centrist, rights-based approach across all the conferences, because we believe that this mechanism will bring improvements in quality of life, the environment and governance for everyone.

The outcome of these conferences will be compiled along with a documentary video film.


Awareness event on water and sustainable development – August 2017

The Foundation organized a conference entitled “Water is life” at the Order of Engineers in
Tripoli, North Lebanon, in collaboration with the Arab Union for specialized Women/
Lebanese Chapter. The conference presented the state of art of the water resources in the
country, stressing on the issues of pollution, IWRM, and on the participatory governance as a
key issue in water management, and presenting water and sustainable development goals.