Celebrating World Water Day


Theme: Water Energy Nexus

Under the patronage of Ministry of Energy and Water, the Foundation organized a conference on March 21, 2014, entitled “Water-Energy Nexus Issues and Challenges”, at the Order of the press in Beirut. The seminar was organized in partnership with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI)

An in-depth panel discussion took place, tackling the Water-Energy Nexus in the Lebanese context. Energy constraints affecting the delivery of water services in the country and their implication on human welfare were discussed.

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Theme: Water and Sustainable Development

Under the patronage of Mrs. Lama SALAM, spouse of the Lebanese Prime Minister, the Foundation organized a conference entitled “Women Empowerment for Water Conservation”, in the Grand Serail.

The participants hailed from different sectors, including women’s organizations, environmental NGOs and female activists. The aim of the conference was to raise awareness on water issues and ultimately develop initiatives to spread the reach of the topic of water resources and sustainable development across each participants’ field of expertise.

In addition, to spread the message of World Water Day to the Lebanese public, a street activation took place, whereby 2000 branded water bottles with the “Water is a precious gift don’t waste it,” were distributed. Pedestrians and drivers were reached out to and reminded to conserve water.

Theme: Waste water

On the World Water Day, the foundation published a booklet on “Waste Water in Lebanon – challenges and solutions”. The main topics tackled were the national strategy for waste water, problems facing this sector, waste water as an alternative source of water, waste water reuse, recycle and resource recovery.

Furthermore, the Foundation published in the booklet the recommendations issued by the Parliamentarian Committee for water & energy concerning this issue.



Theme: nature for water

The foundation, as co-chair of the Citizen Process, for the 8th World Water Day Forum, in Brasilia, identified in its activities program a component related to Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and Communities based experiences for water solutions. Citizens, innovators, communities and civil society organizations (CSOs) were invited to propose their own innovative and environmental restoration with the aim of sharing water and highlighting communities adaptation and innovation for water solutions, reconnecting people with nature, raising awareness of societal benefits, and creating a public demand for healthy environments in urban and in rural areas. 

Theme: Water for all, leaving no one behind

In celebration of the World Water Day 2019, under the theme “No One is Left Behind”, an art project was launched in the coastal city of Mina, North of Lebanon, titled “the Art of awareness”, right to water – Lebanon.

The project consists of performing visual arts on the walls of the city and buildings with graffiti paintings, and ceramics. The project is initiated by Ibrahim ABD EL AL foundation for Sustainable Development (IAAF), the lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) – University of Balamand and in collaboration with the municipality of Mina City. A jury Committee is established to select the artworks of the students. The project will be implemented during the year of 2019 as an awareness campaign for the right to water related issues concerning water resources.